Socxly - Quick Start Guide

Socxly – Quick Start Guide

Sign Up & Create a Short Link

In 2 minutes create your First Socxly Short / Smart Link
  1. Sign Up to create an Account with Socxly 
  2. Login & Go to ‘Create Short Link’ 
  3. Paste a Long URL and Click ‘Create Short Link
  4. Copy or Download QR Code or Share your Short Link 
Note - You can edit & add Custom Domain, Custom Slug, Title, Tags, UTM to your Short Link later too.

Create / Edit Social Card

Use Social Card option to make the Social Post of your Short Link presentable & engaging on Social Media
If your Long URL does not have a proper ‘Social Card’ (Open Graph info)
  1. Click on Social Card Icon to Edit Title, Description & Image before you Share to Social Media
You can also try the above steps with a File Upload, add Social Card and Share or Copy

Makes it easy for you to search, filter and track your Short Links
  1. Add Custom Domain (if you have purchased, set it as 'default') - to brand your short link and keep it authentic
  2. Add / Edit 'Title' of your Short Link to identify & search content
  3. Add Tags to your Short Link to classify, search and track faster
  4. Add a UTM parameter to measure Traffic to your website pages through Google Analytics
  5. Add a URI Parameter to track your referral key-value information through your traffic url
Note – It is advisable to add UTM / URI only to your website / landing pages or specific partner pages where you can track Traffic through Google Analytics

Associate Smart Features

These feature are key to make your content more actionable & valuable
CTA Banner
  • Create a CTA Banner (just follow the steps in the app or click here to know more)
  • Associate a CTA Banner to your Short Link & View CTA Analytics (click here to know)

Pixel Retarget Code

  • Create a Pixel Code configuration in Settings
  • Associate a Pixel Code to your Short Link to build audience list on your key channels when they click on the link

Hope you had a quick good feel of what Socxly Smart Link and related features can do for you.
Explore the unique Socxly Social Campaign (Beta) tool as well.
Click on the links in this article or search through this knowledge base / faq to find and learn more about all the features & capabilities of Socxly. 

At any point, if you want to reach us for support or leave a feedback, use the Support widget within the Socxly app.

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