Socxly Organic Campaign Settings - Email & Hosted Page

Socxly Organic Campaign Settings - Email & Hosted Page

Prior to creating a Socxly Organic Campaign, please complete the following Campaign Template Set Up

Since a campaign can be published / distributed to the campaign contacts both by Email and a Socxly Hosted Page, ensure that you have set up your brand elements in the respective templates.

Setting Up Campaign Email Template

Set up one or more Email Templates based on your brand / business campaign needs.
Before Creating a Campaign - Create Email Template

Go to Settings - Organic Campaign - Email

  1. Email Template Name - To refer
  1. Email Name Alias – the ‘From’ name users will see when they receive a campaign email
  1. Brand Logo - For Email Footer
  1. Email Footer - Company Information / Address / Privacy Links etc
  1. Set a Template as ‘Default’ if it is used frequently for campaigns.
If you have not set any Email Template to start your campaign creation, you will see default Socxly Email Template in your Campaign Emails

Setting Up Hosted Page Template

What is a Hosted Page in Socxly Organic Campaign?
  1. Is a single template of a campaign display page related to the Socxly User who creates the Campaign
  2. It can be used to display the campaign to users who are part of the Campaign Contacts
  3. Users can share the campaign post to any social channel from the page
  4. It can be integrated with any 'internal app or portal' of your company where users login to access the hosted page
Note - Hosted Page is unique to the Socxly User who creates the Campaign and can be managed only through the Socxly User Account

Before creating a Campaign - Create a Hosted Page Template

Although, Hosted Page is Optional - (if required for integration with your internal app or website et

To set up the Hosted Page, enter data to these fields
  1. Hosted Page Template Name
  1. Logo & Campaign Page Description - This will be displayed on the top of the page
  1. Hosted Page Footer Information
If you have not set up the template, Default Hosted Page Template will show Socxo Logo & Campaign Text

Note - You can ‘Preview’ Hosted Page only if your Internal App Unique User Key (Email or any other Id in your app) is also part of the Campaign Contacts

Sample Preview of a Hosted Page

Integrate Socxly Campaign Hosted Page with Your Internal Apps / Portals
Integrate Hosted Page link with your internal app and map the ‘Unique User Key’ with the Column data used in Campaign Contacts Excel or CSV. Campaign Contacts / Users who match the key can see the Campaigns on the Hosted Page.

Socxly Campaign Feature offers 2 methods (Email and/or Hosted Page) to ‘Distribute’ (Publish) a campaign created to respective ‘contacts’ (users) in the campaign.

Besides distributing a Socxly Campaign by Email to respective Contacts (users) in the campaign, you can distribute & display the campaign automatically to respective Contacts (users) through the Socxly Hosted campaign Page or Hosted Page in short, if integrated with one of your Internal Apps.

This enables the Contacts (users) in the campaign to share the campaign post to social channels either from their Email or through the Hosted Page, if they have access to the Hosted Page through one of your Internal Apps.

 First Step - Campaign Hosted Page Settings

Socxly offers a pre-built ‘Hosted Page’ to display campaigns created using Socxly Campaign feature.

Before starting the Campaign feature, you can go to Socxly Settings à Campaign à Hosted Page Menu, to set up the Logo, Hosted Page Header & Footer Info to ‘brand’ the hosted page display.

 Integrate / Link Hosted Page with your Internal Apps

Socxly offers a simple low code or no code way of integrating Socxly Campaign Hosted Page to your internal applications.

With this method, you can redirect Users from your Internal App to the Socxly Hosted Campaign Page, if the same Users (Email ID) are included as Contacts (Email ID) in the Contacts Upload Excel/CSV step of the Campaign Feature.

Integration Script & Steps

<ahref=”<campaignuserkey>?parameter=<parameter-part-of-csv/excel>”>Socxly Campaigns</a>

campaignuserkey - will be provided by Socxly or displayed within your Socxly App Login under Settings - Campaign - Hosted Page  

parameter-part-of-csv/excel -  ‘Email Id’ which is the unique value as part of the uploaded csv / excel while creating the campaign.

The Hosted Page will display the Campaign data based on the parameter.

If you have any queries in Understanding or Issues in Integrating Socxly Hosted Page, please reach out to us through the Support widget inside Socxly App.

We'll be glad to help.

If you have completed this step, you can go ahead to Create Socxly Campaign.

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