Is my account and data safe with Socxly?

Is my account and data safe with Socxly?

Socxly practices strong data protection & privacy policy for its Registered User's personal information and data. 

Socxly runs its application and data on secure and reliable Microsoft Azure Cloud Servers.

Your personal information is safely stored and encrypted by Azure AD B2C Service managed by Microsoft Azure.

Socxly has no interest or intent to give or sell your personal information or data to any other service or business.

However, note that Socxly uses reliable and secure partner applications like Zoho Desk (for support), SendGrid (for email) and Microsoft Azure AD (for user authentication), who take similar Data Protection / GDPR rules seriously. 

You will receive emails from Socxly only related to your account activities and product information of Socxo & Socxly to keep you update on our product and services.

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