How to Edit Social Card / OG info in a Short Link?

How to Edit Social Card / OG info in a Short Link?

Social Card Edit for Short Link

If you create a Short Link for a Long URL, in most cases, a well constructed page will automatically resolve and provide the OG Title, OG Description & OG Image (called as Open Graph info).

Social Media channels required any content url or link to have properly constructed OG or Open Graph info in the content posted or shared on the channels.

Without proper OG, the content / link will not appear attractive and will have broken images or title or description.

- Full Grey Icon

If a Long URL has proper OG / Social Card info – you will see a ‘Full Grey’ Icon on the Icon

- Red Icon

If a Long URL does not have one of the OG / Social Card info – you will see a ‘Red Dot’ on the Icon

The Social Card feature of Socxly helps you to review & edit the missing OG info of the Long URL before sharing or posting its Short Link to Social Media 

Follow the steps in the Social Card Edit Page to accomplish the same

 - Green Social Card Icon - If you have modified or saved changes on the social card


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