Custom Domain - Manage & Assign to other users in Socxly

Custom Domain - Manage & Assign to other users in Socxly

This article helps you assign  your custom domain to other users in Socxly and manage the custom domain for errors

If you have completed configuration of the DNS record with your domain name provider and successfully added a custom domain to Socxly, then proceed further to:
  1. Assign the Custom Domain to other users in Socxly (limits apply)
  2. Remove Assignment of the Custom Domain from the User
  3. Managing invalid long urls associated with your custom domain

Custom Domain Assignment to Users

Assign a Custom Domain to other Users in Socxly

  1. You can ‘assign / associate’ your Custom Domain to other users on Socxly
  2. Once assigned, they can use the same Custom Domain for branding their short links
  3. You can also view and remove the assignment / association of the user any time

Note - There is a limit to the number of users you can assign a Custom Domain based on your Paid Custom Domain Plans

 Steps to Assign / Associate a Custom Domain to another User/s in Socxly


Click on Add Users

  1. Enter the Email Id of the user who is also a registered user of Socxly (paid or free)
  2. Choose the User and on Save, the User will get a notification that a Custom Domain has been assigned / associated by the user (who has configured the custom domain in their account)

Assigned Domains View for the User

List of Users you have assigned / associated your Custom Domain

Remove Assigned Users for a Custom Domain

Select User/s and click on Remove to remove assignment of Custom Domain to the User/s.


If you remove the assignment / association, assigned users can’t use the Custom Domain further to create short links.

However, they can still use the ‘’ platform default domain for creating new short links

What will happen to Short Links created by the Users if their Custom Domain assignment / association is removed?

Note – Removal of Custom Domain assignment for the User will not affect the Short Links previously created with the Custom Domain by the User and they will continue to persist and be active


Expired Domain Name or Deletion of a Custom Domain from Socxly

At the moment, we do not give the option to Delete or Remove your Custom Domain linked in Socxly, since it can disrupt the Short Links created with the respective Custom Domain.

Also, ensure that the Domain Names associated with a Socxly Custom Domain are still valid / live with your Domain Provider.

  1. If a Domain Name expires with your Domain Provider, it can cause issues for the Short Links created with it.
  2. If a Domain Name is transferred between Domain Providers, you need to reset the DNS Record configurations again.
  3. For any assistance on this aspect, reach out to us through the Support Widget inside the Socxly App

Managing errors / dead links with your Custom Domain Short Links

Please set your ‘Error Description / Message’ if a Custom Domain Short Link or related slug is invalid or has errors.

Socxly will take the Users of such links to a 404 page and display the message.

 Also, enter a ‘Redirect URL’ to take the User to a specific URL when they click on the ‘Home’ link the Error / 404 page.

If you have any queries on this article or steps, please reach out to us through the Support widget inside the Socxly App.

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